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The first Movement Challenge presented to the RoboWiki, as an exercise to improve movement performance. Consisted of two separate tests: A test against a powerful Pattern Matching gun, as well as one against a powerful Statistical Targeting gun.


After running two five-hundred round matches versus each Reference Bot, and calculating each Performance Index, the mean of these would then serve as the bot's Movement Challenge Index. However, the challenger was not allowed to fire any bullets, thus making victory that much more difficult.

Anti Pattern Matcher Challenge

The Reference Bot for this challenge, Pattern Matcher Bot, was simply a stationary Ender, whose Pattern Matching gun proved to be hard to defeat.

The Performance Index of this challenge was calculated by the formula :

Challenger score / Pattern Matcher Bot score * 100.

Curve Flattening Challenge

The Reference Bot for this challenge was a stationary SandboxDT, apparently its DT designation was well earned as this challenge proved difficult as well.

Performance Index was calculated same as for the Pattern Matcher Challenge:

Challenger score / SandboxDT score * 100.

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