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General Information

Moving the content over from the old wiki is a large task. We can use this page to list certain decisions we've made in how to set things up here at the new wiki, like categories, formats, old discussions, content that shouldn't be migrated at all, etc. Additions or changes to the list below can be discussed on the Talk page, of course.

We can probably use sections of the Talk page for running discussions about certain issues, where appropriate, or make a separate "Migration: Some Issue" page.

List of issues / policies / decisions

  • Categories / Sub-pages - Please categorize content as you move it over. For help on using categories on MediaWiki, see mediawiki.org's Category:Help page or just look at some of the existing pages here. We do have sub-pages with slashes here the same way as the old wiki, but some of those pages were like that because we didn't have categories, so think about that when you're moving sub-pages.
  • Discussions - Much of the content on the old wiki is discussions. We have an Old Talk category here that can be used for archiving old discussions from topic pages. Alternatively, a discussion from a page could be pasted onto the Talk page for that topic. A page that is in and of itself a discussion, such as ABCs Linked List Challenge or the RoboRumble Chat page, can go on a real page of its own and be put under the Discussions Category.
  • InterCapsNames - On the old wiki, using inter-caps in names automatically made a link to that page, so our topic pages were always like that - e.g., "HeadOnTargeting". It would be nice to be consistent about either changing this behavior or keeping it. So far, the pages have spaces, so it's "Head-On Targeting" and "GuessFactor Targeting". If we keep this style change, we'll still probably want to add redirects for the InterCaps versions just because we're all so used to them.
  • Slow but steady - There are thousands of pages on the old wiki, so it's going to take a while to migrate. I think we should take our time and make sure to do it right instead of just blindly copying over as much as possible. This is a good chance to re-organize and re-format things to make them better on the new wiki, so try and consider what might be a good way to update stuff when you're moving it! And please consider discussing any major re-formatting or re-organizing of large chunks of content before just diving in and doing it. -- Voidious

Articles from the old wiki

If you transfer an article or section (but not a discussion) directly from the old wiki, remove any signatures and tag the article by placing Template:CreditForOldWikiArticle at the top of the discussion page. Example of proper usage:

| oldpage=TheNameOfTheOldWikiPageThatYouGotTheContentFrom
| author=[[PEZ]]

| sectionname=A Subsection of the Tagged Article
| oldpage=AnotherReallyLongWikiPageName/WithSubpages
| author=[[Voidious]], [[David Alves]]

... produces ...

Credits - Migration
Old wiki page: TheNameOfTheOldWikiPageThatYouGotTheContentFrom
Original author(s): PEZ
Credits - A Subsection of the Tagged Article
Old wiki page: AnotherReallyLongWikiPageName/WithSubpages
Original author(s): Voidious, David Alves

Helpful Utilities

Old wiki subdomain

Well, the real subdomain isn't pointed at the new server yet, but until then you can see the old wiki here: http://oldtestwiki.roborumble.org/cgi-bin/robowiki. I also don't have all the mod_rewrite stuff working yet, but /cgi-bin/robowiki?pagename works. Let me know if you encounter any problems. --Voidious 03:06, 14 May 2009 (UTC)

Voidious, you forget the hack you made to old robowiki.net! » Nat | Talk » 06:54, 14 May 2009 (UTC)