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MN stands for Mauricio Noda. I´m a Java IT software developer/architect and robocoder since 2004. I'm also an amateur game theorist.

I left robocoding a long time ago after seeing bin-based statistical algorithms owning the rumble, which I never liked. Hard-coded segmentation felt too artificial. More recently, after seeing dynamic clustering owning the rumble, which is a much cooler algorithm, and finally understanding what wave surfing is all about, it brought me back.



  • Slowly improve mn.Combat so it goes as high as possible in all league rankings (except Twin Duel).
  • Help improve the RoboRumble infrastructure.
  • Clog the participants list with weak sample bots.
  • Complain about the APS rating system being too susceptible to king-maker scenarios.
  • Reach world peace - Sounds silly but by understanding the mechanics of conflict and competition one can learn how to prevent them. And games are excellent environments for that.