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Author(s) spinnercat
Extends AdvancedRobot
Targeting Symbolic Pattern Matching
Movement Random Movement
Released V1: 6/17/09 Cur: 7/17/09
Best Rating 1732.8 in nano
Current Version 1.5
Code License RWPCL


Bot Name
What's special about it?
It's our first nanobot!
I like to think our system of switching direction 80% of the time is a slightly unique way of picking a direction, keeping it slightly random, but also allowing it to move away from the walls most of the time, but it's likely been done before.
I'm also trying something new with the PM gun. Normally, it has a depth, and each time it can't find a pattern, it drops the search depth by one. But, just for fun, I drop it by 2, hoping it will lead to less skipped turns. But in all my tests it seemed like it made no difference at all.
Great, I want to try it. Where can I download it?
Version 1.3:
Version 1.4:
Version 1.5:
How competitive is it?
Pretty good, version 1.4 was 18th in nano rumble.
Version 1.5: 13th in nano rumble.


How does it move?
Basically random. Moves when it fires. When it moves, it turns mostly perpendicular to its enemy, and moves either forwards or backwards. 80% of the time it will move the same direction as before, and 20% of the time it will switch (This helps it to not get stuck on the walls, as once the direction is flipped, it has an 80% chance of moving away). It is supposed to be as random as possible and still be a decent dodging strategy.
How does it fire?
Uses SymbolicPatternMatching like most nanos, credits to Assertive by Robar
How does it dodge bullets?
Every time it fires, it moves a random distance.
How does the melee strategy differ from One-on-one strategy?
It actually has a strategy in 1v1!

Additional Info

Where did you get the name?
I was thinking of "little cat" which naturally becomes kitten!
What's next for your robot?
Some bullet power management would probably be useful. Switched to 2.5 power, which helped it a bit, I doubt i'll find the code space to have real power management.
Can I use your code?
Of course, RWPCL. Just don't use the whole thing and claim it as your own.
And if you find an innovative way of reducing the code, I would love to hear!