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Author(s) Jdw
Extends AdvancedRobot
Targeting Dynamic Clustering
Movement Minimum Risk Path
Released November 2012
Current Version v1.4

Background Information

What's special about it?
Not much right now. I hope it reaches the top ten in the melee rumble someday.
Also, as far as I know, it is the first bot to use minimum risk path movement, a variation of minimum risk movement.


How does it move?
Minimum risk path movement. It's like minimum risk movement, but instead of evaluating a set of points, you evaluate a set of paths. Every tick, find the best path and start moving towards the first point on that path.
How does it fire?
It uses a Dynamic Clustering Play-It Forward gun.
How does it dodge bullets?
How does it select a target to attack/avoid in melee ?
It uses an implementation of Shadow's melee gun to calculate the best firing angles from a set of targets.

Additional Information

Where did you get the name?
I was looking through the repository one day, trying to find a category of names that had not already been taken that I could use for my robots. I realized that there were no storm robots, like Hurricane, Tornado, or Cyclone. So my robots will be named after storms.
Can I use your code?
It is not open source right now. I'm planning on releasing the source code when Hurricane is done.
What's next for your robot?
A lot. I have a really cool idea for the gun that I want to try out. And my movement code is far too slow, I need to speed it up. And I want to implement Wave Surfing someday.
What other robot(s) is it based on?
I got a lot of ideas from Glacier, and Diamond and Gaff were also major influences. Also, big thanks to Rednaxela for his kd-tree.