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To infinity and beyond!
"Do not be in a hurry to succeed. What would you have to live for afterwards? Better make the horizon your goal; it will always be ahead of you." -- William Makepeace Thackeray

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Author(s) AaronR
Extends AdvancedRobot
Targeting GF/DC
Movement WS/pseudo-goto/DC
Released 0.8.6 (2007-??-??)
Best Rating 1.0: #12
Current Version See version history
Code License Generic Open Source

Horizon is my first released bot to use Wave Surfing and GuessFactor Targeting, and my first bot to make it in the top 100 75 50 25. It uses a straightforward Dynamic Clustering algorithm in both the movement and the targeting. Originally, this bot had an additional Minimum Risk Movement implementation, but I dropped all of the melee features after only a couple versions.

What's next

  • Beats me...


The original code was from BasicSurfer and GFTargetingBot, but I have borrowed innumerable code snippets from many authors since then. Of course, credit needs to go to ABC for Wave Surfing and Dynamic Clustering and Paul Evans for GuessFactor Targeting.