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The premise of a hat league is that teams are picked at random by drawing names from a hat. In this league, teams consist of teams of two robots each written by a different author. In short, each teammate does not know with whom they will be paired. Once paired, each team will fight a survivalist battle with each other team within their bracket.

League Details

Specifics may evolve with experience, but initially they will be as follows:

  • Each bracket will consist of up to 8 participants, which are then made into 4 teams.
  • Each team will fight one 35 round battle against each other team, with survival determining the win.
  • This amounts to 3 battles per team, for a total of 6 battles per bracket.
  • Both participants in the winning team will go up to the next bracket (if any).
  • Both participants in the losing team will go down to the next bracket (if any).
  • If a bracket has an odd number of participants, one participant will be paired twice.
  • If a bracket is not full, resolution will be at the discretion of the host.

Participation Details

  • While not presently an enforced requirement, all participants should extend TeamRobot, which gives them the tools to distinguish friend from foe, as well as communicate with their teammates.
  • To facilitate communication with your teammates, you are encouraged to use a common set of classes to prepare messages to be sent and interpret messages received. This set of classes is presently being tested and will be packaged as a JAR file to be linked to in the same manner as robocode.jar during development.
  • To include yourself , as yourself to the New Participants section.