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Bot Name


A moderately competitive nano melee bot inspired by Kawigi's Lib and by Michael Dorgan's abuse of string tables in LittleBlackBook.

The gun, radar and energy management are all fairly standard (read: borrowed from other bots).

The movement is somewhat unusual, inspired by Lib's table driven movement it divides the field into a 32 x 32 grid, each cell of which specifies a direction and a move amount. Each time a move completes it looks up the move instructions for the current cell.>br /> Additionally like Lib it sequences through a pattern, each cell having 32 seperate commands depending on the current pattern number which is incremented after each move.

In theory you could do all kinds of fancy stuff with the move, but unless I write a special GUI editor with error checking and code generation that task has to be done (and tested) manually. Consequently my current table is rather simple and still buggy.