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Version History - GresVretter (gun) - WeefSuffurd (movement) - Archived Talk 20090426
Author(s) GrubbmGait
Extends AdvancedRobot
Targeting GuessFactor Targeting
Movement Wave Surfing
Released 2006-09-26
Best Rating APS: 85.57 (8th)
Current Version 0.3.14
Code License RWPCL

Background Information

What's special about it?
It's the first bot I made featuring Wave Surfing and GuessFactor Targeting and was my ticket to The 2000 Club and later on the top-10. It has nothing special (yet) to defend itself against the top-bots, while the movement is tuned against simple targeters. It uses Precise Intersection (gun only), no binsmoothing of any kind is used.
It is the best Dutch bot.
Where did you get the name?
It is my translation of the combination Guess and Surfer. All my bots start with 'Gr' and 'sufferd' is someone like Disney's Goofy.


How does it move?
It uses Wave Surfing, currently segmented on absolute velocity, wallproximity and acceleration. The movement will use passive bulletshadows, but only against good bots and not against rammers or in the first 2 rounds.
How does it fire?
It uses GuessFactor Targeting, segmented on 'time since velocity change', absolute lateral velocity, wallproximity and 'distance last 14 ticks'. The latest versions use Precise Intersection and simulated precise MEA. It has a second gun with exact the same configuration, only the stats are decaying over time. Also a third gun is present with the same configuration, that acts as an anti-surfer gun (hits are penalized instead of rewarded).
Does it have any WhiteWhales?
Not any more, it only loses to the real topbots.
What's next for your robot?


Merge the 2 current guns in one gun that performs on par.
Take a look at the nearwall performance and close-range performance
New second gun that can hit the ones the first gun has trouble with (anti-surfer and anti-flattener) sortof Done.


Increase the number of bins, start using Precise Intersection to determine the danger.
Closely look at the close-range, nearwall, and 'no waves' performance
Closely look at the timing of the waves/my prediction, as I get hit to often at the edges. Probably due to nr1
Start using Bullet Shadows Implemented fully with version 0.4.7
Far future: Bullet Shielding and a flattener

I really like to enter top-10 again and stay there.


GresSuffurd is for the largest part my own achievement. However, it would not have come this far without the ideas and sometimes pieces of code from others.