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Author(s) AW
Extends AdvancedRobot
Targeting GF/VCS/VG
Movement Wave Surfing
Current Version 3.0

Sub-Pages: Version History

Background Information

What's special about it?
How competitive is it?
It is currently placed 41st in the rumble.


How does it move?
Wave Surfing
How does it fire?
It uses GF/VCS guns.


Thanks go to the following people (the list is in no way complete and will probably never be so) :

  • Kawiagi -- GF Targetting tutorial.
  • Voidious -- Wave Surfing tutorial, open source bots, graphics ideas, and help with various questions.
  • Rednaxela -- Help with various questions and the basic idea of what to do when there are no incoming waves.
  • GrubbmGait -- Help with various questions.
  • Nat -- Help with the wiki. (and do I need that)

Additional Information

Can I use your code?
Yes, it's released under the 3 clause BSD license [1].
What robots is it based on?
  • GFTargetingTutorial
  • WaveSurfingTutorial
What's next for your robot?
I did this as a test and hope to write a precise robot over the summer. But before I do, I intend to beat the bullet shielders. Really badly. Probably by adding a random factor to my gun angle when the bulletHitBullet / bulletsFired ratio is too high. DONE
Fix gun array. I am almost certain this is not performing as expected. DONE
It may receive a few more updates, but I have started preliminary work on another robot.