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Author(s) Sheldor
Extends AdvancedRobot
Targeting Guess Factor
Movement Multi-Mode
Current Version 2.1.0
Code License RWPCL

Background Information

Bot Name
What's special about it?
Not very much.
Great, I want to try it. Where can I download it?
How competitive is it?
First in PWIN, second in APS, third in Survival, as of 2017-08-22.


How does it move?
It starts with Stop And Go movement from Toorkild, if it gets hit more than it would like to, it switches to Random Movement also from Toorkild.
How does it fire?
Guess Factor Targeting, segmented on acceleration, time since velocity change (from Komarious), Lateral Velocity, near-wall, and distance.
How does it dodge bullets?
Only the Stop And Go mode involves reacting to enemy fire.
Is this robot melee-capable?
Capable is a very broad word. Yes, ÉpéeistMicro is "capable" of fighting in Melee battles just like any other bot. It is not, however, capable in the sense of not being the first to die, so I didn't enter it in the meleerumble.
What does it save between rounds and matches?
Between rounds, the array of enemy guess factors and other variables. It doesn't (intentionally) save anything between matches.

Additional Information

Where did you get the name?
Épée is one of the three forms of modern sport fencing, along with Foil and Sabre. [1]
May I use your code?
Yes, but under the terms of the RWPCL.
What's next for your robot?
Take the APS throne.
Does it have any White Whales?
We'll see.