Displacement Vector

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A displacement vector being collected.
Displacement vectors predicting potential movements.
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A representation of a bot's relative movement that can be used in recording and reconstructing firing angles. The bot's positions at the beginning and end of a period of time (e.g., as produced by a wave) form a vector relative to the bot's initial heading. The resulting vector can be applied to future situations to project the enemy's movement and deduce a firing angle. The vector may be scaled by Bullet Travel Time to adapt it to different distances and bullet powers, similar to how GuessFactors are scaled by Maximum Escape Angle.


  • The data recorded is not relative to the location of the firing bot, as a GuessFactor would be. This is important in melee, where most enemy movements are not relative to a specific opponent.
  • When predicting enemy movement, projections that lead out of bounds can be ignored or adjusted.
  • Reconstructing firing angles is much faster than Play It Forward simulation, while offering similar advantages.

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  • Diamond uses displacement vectors in its gun.