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Darkcanuck's RoboRumble Server

I found some time on the weekend and put together a database-backed RoboRumble server. You can try it here: http://darkcanuck.net/rumble/

Why a new server?

Like many others, I was getting frustrated with the weird results appearing on the regular server. There didn't seem to be an easy way to fix the results, except to start over from scratch like ABC did with his new temporary server. It doesn't seem fair to new users that a single misconfiguration will corrupt everyone's results, nor to the Robocode developers where a bug in a new release can cause the same problems.

This effort is not meant to supplant the upcoming Roborumble.org, which will add many great features. But David has taken on a fairly large challenge, and I thought we needed an intermediate step in the meantime which works with the current rumble client and can help evolve the client/server system to become what Roborumble.org will eventually need.

Design Goals

  • Results stored in a relational database, as close to the original format as possible
  • Supports current rumble clients as-is, while allowing for enhanced clients to be created in the future
  • Ability to "roll back" bad data, based on user id, ip address, timestamp or client version (in the near future). So if you goof up your rumble configuration or use the wrong version for a week or two, no data is lost.
  • Extra checks added to ensure valid client configuration
  • Ability to display individual battle data for any pairing (so you can see how much the scores vary)
  • Ability to query more "fun" data, like daily rankings, top submitters, survivalist stats

How to use it

See the Starting With RoboRumble guide for detailed instructions and pre-configured text files.

How you can help

Submit battle results!

If there's a feature you want to code and you know PHP/MySQL, let me know!

Feedback is very much appreciated.

The code is published here: http://darkcanuck.net/svn/rumbleserver/trunk


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