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A bullet in Robocode is a line segment from the point where the bullet starts a tick, to the point where it finishes it. If that segment intercepts a robot the bullet is destroyed and the robot hit takes damage. The robot that fired the bullet gains three times the bullet's power in energy.

A bullet can have a power between 0.1 and 3. When it is fired the firing robot's energy reduces by the power. If a bullet hits another bullet, they are both destroyed.

The damage done to the opponent uses the following formula. Unless the opponent has less energy then this, in which it destroys the enemy outright.

damage = power * 4;
if(power > 1)
    damage += ( power - 1 ) * 2;

The speed at which a bullet travels is defined by the following formula.

speed = 20 - 3 * power;

This page is dedicated for describing the robocode.Bullet

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