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I'll present all my ideas of new version (0.)2 here.

First, my new gun will called Nova and my new movement called Light. So, like CassiusClay: Move as fast as Light, fire as hard as (Super)Nova!


Ha ha... Your should notice retouch in blackhole total score, bullet damage and bullet bonus score! The survival score is not touched, you want to know why? Yes, I'm cheating. Try them yourself! Open shadow console windows and press button labeled "...".

Movement Idea

Instead of only GF buffers, I'll add AS/PM buffers, too. I think I can dodge better.

I once saw that ABC post that his Shadow do virtual wavesurfing by keep tracking of fastly-rolled GF of himself, and avoid them. But I didn't see any one actually add AS buffer to their wavesurfing!

In my PM buffer, I think I'll add a lot of today pattern matcher and mark it on wave with something like getFactorIndex(Point2D) in BasicSurfer. An left buffer chosing to my buffers manager.

Gun Ideas

I know that VirtualGun can be rated in two ways, by using VB and by using Wave.

I also know that many top bot use many buffer in their gun. I ask myself, how they choose buffer? I don't actually figure out what it work in Dookious but I think he use VB. My attemp is to add as many buffer as I can so I need faster way than VB. Answer is wave. Since I saw no solution how to use wave weight their VirtualGun. I MUST think of my own (unusually for me). My answer is take GF diff between hit GF and GF return from gun, then add this to my gun rating. I don't know what result will it be because it just me planned, I don't have time yet.

Buffers Idea

I planned to add a thousand of buffers to my gun/movement. With low data, it mat not be slow but with LOT OF DATA, it will extremely slow ans shall generate thousand of skipped turns. I think of it. After 2 days, I have conclusion! I'll disabled each buffer dynamically depend on haw many turns skipped and how well did that buffer perform.

To-do List

  • Write new Robot framework DONE base on some code from PhoenixOS.
  • Write good graphic drawer.
    • Step 1: all simple shapes. DONE see Nat/DrawingBot
    • Step 2: take advantage of Java 2D APIs.
    • Step 3: make it draw table or graph.
  • Make good GoTo Style of sufing.
  • Make good TrueSurf style of surfing
  • Make a good flattener. Current version of BlackHole
  • Make good GF/AS/PM gun
  • Make good buffers for all of those.
  • Write buffer manager to manage all buffer.
  • Write good melee movement.
  • Write good melee gun (just interpolation on main gun!)
  • Write good radar. DONE use narrow lock with factor of 1.65 and melee oldest-scanned melee-locked radar. Implements as one, plugable class. (I'll use it in my other megabot, too)

That just a planned, I have detailed implementation in my brain. Since version 2 will not be open source anymore, this page will have detailed description in nearly future.