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I am physicist by training. My first run with Robocode was in August 2012 after an article by User:Jdev, and then I tried it one more time in August 2013 and now I am hooked.

Robowiki back ups

I am looking for a feasible way to maintain Robowiki Mirrors

My Bots


  • zapper is my newest bot which is development since early 2019. I decided to rewrite everything to fit in a single file. The modular approach which I used earlier was hard to push forward. Sadly it still (in early 2023) just a bit worse than EvBotNG.


The following bots are using the same framework and the only difference is in their gun choice.

  • EvBotNG. EvBot New Generation - my main all around bot. Very good in melee (top 20), just above top 100 in 1on1. Starting from about version 2.8, it outperforms EvBot.
  • IWillFireNoBullet. This bot never fire. I would like to see how high in the ranks a pacifist bot can climb. Well it is 128th in melee, i.e., better than half of the bots, and around 700th out of 1000 in 1on1.
  • awful. This bot want to lose in any competition, and its trying to be the best at it. I rediscover this fun competition "be worse than sample.SittingDuck" in September 2017, see Thread:Talk:RoboRumble/Participants/Keeping worse bots/reply (2). This is my attempt to beat the rest. I proudly report that it is 4th from the bottom.

Far past

  • EvBot is my very first bot. It is all around MegaBot which does quite well in melee and not so well in 1 on 1.