Averaged Bearing Offset Targeting

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The ideas presented on this page may be considered outdated. For a more modern system that builds on these same concepts, see: Visit Count Stats

An early form of statistical targeting that fires at the average of each recorded bearing offset that would have successfully hit the enemy. This is one of the simplest forms of statistical targeting.


  • Each tick or each time you fire a bullet, fire a Wave to gather a bearing offset that would have hit the enemy.
    • A wave consists of: firing bot's position, bearing to enemy at fire time, the wave's velocity (based on velocity of current bullet power), and the wave's distance traveled.
    • Each tick, advance all active waves by their velocity. A wave "hits" when the distance traveled exceeds the distance from the wave source to the enemy's current location.
    • The bearing offset gathered is the bearing from the wave source to the new enemy location minus the original bearing to the enemy.
  • Keep an average of all bearing offsets gathered and use this average as your firing angle.

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