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I'm Andrew Wells. I started robocoding in late 2010 (high school), attended the Catholic University of America for undergrad and went to Rice University for a Doctorate. I'm currently a Senior Software Engineer at Tesla Autopilot (and retired from Robocode).

Robocode and the Robowiki community had a great positive impact on my life, especially Rednaxela, Skillganon and Voidious. I'm sure there are others I don't remember as well. I've used it in teaching classes to high school students. If you're interested in programming, I don't know of a better way to learn than Robocode.

my public projects / rambling comments:

ancient gun stuff

my k-D Tree

A guide to robocode (work in progress)

My Robots

GreatWolf (retired robot, my first entry to the rumble)