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Version 3.1 Download link

  • RoboRumble ‒ APS: 82.73% (16th), PL: 737-4 (2nd), Survival: 90.67%
  • MeleeRumble ‒ APS: 64.07% (16th), PL: 258-17 (18th), Survival: 84.76%


  • Refactoring.

One on One:

  • Faster wave surfing.
  • Merge danger in a crowd targeting fashion.
  • More distance control.
  • More conservative firepower selection.


  • Worse in every sense.


  • Minimum Risk:
  • Bigger radius for the point generation.
  • Cap the radius to the distance of the closest bot.
  • Added bullet hits to the risk calculation.
  • Store my own positions every 7 ticks instead of 3.
  • Better risk calculation, and better tuned.
  • Implemented corner grabbing:
If there are 4 or 5 opponents and I'm not close to a corner, use the corner with lowest risk as the center of the point generation instead of myself.
  • Check the risk of the point that is going backwards 1 pixel, to simulate a how risky is to stop.
  • Melee Gun:
  • Fixed bug that weighted bots with more energy higher.
  • Guns are now on a virtual gun array, tracked with a wave and use distance as a measure of how good a gun is, as opposed to 1v1 where only exact hits count.
  • When aiming the gun now use the virtual gun array stats to weight each of them.
  • Faster aiming for enemies with energy_ equal to 0.
  • Better energy management.


  • Big increase, very close to what was expected.

Version 3.0 Download link

  • RoboRumble ‒ APS: 83.2% (11th), PL: 735-1 (1st), Survival: 90.94%
  • MeleeRumble ‒ APS: 60.87% (40th), PL: 235-41 (41st), Survival: 77.75%


  • Rollback to version 1.3.7.
  • Some refactoring.
  • Removed buggy attributes (were always set to 0).

One on One:

  • Slightly faster gun.
  • Ignore bullets that hit other bullets when aiming with the normal gun.
  • Minor tweaks to AS gun weights.


  • Very similar to 1.3.7 overall, but is more of a surfer killer.


  • Completely new Melee code.


  • Decent start for the new code, but I have nothing to compare to yet as version's 1.1 melee code was very weak.

Version 2.2 Download link

  • Very simple dynamic distance choosing.
  • Results:
  • Probably buggy, it has a decrease of over 40 points against some bots, nothing similar ever came out in any test.

Version 2.1 Download link

  • Changed preferred distance from 450 to 400.
  • More aggressive fire power management.
  • Results:
  • Worse APS, maybe better PL, hard to compare, but and interesting results is that even when the difference between them is very small, there is a per bot fluctuation, ~+23 is the best improvement and ~-14 the worst decrease,so there is hope to find an easy way to get a close to best result of each one.

Version 2.0 Download link

  • Scratch rewrite.
  • Distancers were merged as crowd information rather than changing from one to the other.
  • Very precise wave surfing.
  • Results:
  • Terrible drop in APS and PL.
  • Since it was trained to assure PL crown it shows quite an improvement against some top PL bots, but it has an amazing drop against weaker bots.

Version 1.7 Download link

  • Back to 1.3.7.
  • Weight scans by inverse square euclidean distance for the gun.
  • Results:
  • Minimal improvement in APS.
  • Much worse in PL, most likely something is getting the bot disabled.

Version Download link

  • Fixed compilation error in the VG system that made it disable every time there was a virtual hit.
  • Results:
  • Worse APS and PL than version 1.3.7

Version Download link

  • Changed the VG system, hopefully it's faster now.
  • Results:
  • Pulled due terrible bug.

Version Download link

  • Back to version 1.3.7
  • Added a new mode to the gun, a normal DC gun using inverse Manhattan distance to weight the scans.
  • DC Wave surfing also using inverse Manhattan distance to weight the scans.
  • Results:
  • Hard to say, pulled out because it had some really weird results loosing badly against non-top bots, think it was because skipped turns.

Version 1.5.0 Download link

  • Back to version 1.3.7
  • Added two more modes to guns, weak and heavy anti-surfer modes.
  • Small changes to movement
  • Results:
  • Pretty much the same thing as YersiniaPesis 1.3.7, only very minor differences so the former is kept.

Version Download link

  • Made virtual bullets to be factors instead of angles, mainly to make it faster.
  • Added 5 dynamically adjusted weighted distancers to the gun. The real reason of the release.
  • Results:
  • Improved against some bots, but worse in general.

Version 1.3.7 Download link

  • Made rotation relative to velocities sing.
  • Fixed distancing algorithm bug.
  • Improved targeting
  • Parameter tuning until it was able to beat Dookious, Shadow, DrussGT and Phoenix.
  • Results:
  • Finally in the top 10 :).
  • APS went up by almost 1 point.
  • Right now #1 in PL score, but may fluctuate because it has one win and one loss against some top bots.

Version 1.3 Download link

  • Fixed bug calculating stopped time of bots.
  • Improved targeting
  • Fixed bug that made me choose a random gun instead of the best gun.
  • Added an Anti-Surfer mode to the guns.
  • Improved surfing
  • Added a Gaussian function for smoothing.
  • Changed some stuff all around, I think I made it worse in some areas.
  • Results:
  • No increase in ranking spots, but slightly better APS.
  • It looses to Dookious again :-(.
  • Better PL Score, only looses to Dookious, Phoenix and Garm. Only one battle against Shadow, so fingers still crossed.

Version 1.2 Download link

  • Reverted to version 0.1beta.
  • Improved surfing
  • Better simple targeting dodging.
  • Changed how flattening works.
  • Went up 2 spots in the rumble, and it won against Dookious :-).
  • But worse against some other bots.

Version 1.1 Download link

  • Fixed potential NullPointerException.
One on One:

Version 1.0 Download link


Version 0.1beta Download link

One on One: