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Please write about Adaptive Oscillator Movement and your new micro bot, please? I'd like to know your ideas. Also, do you want to race with me? I'm 13 years old. Do you want to have some race to top nano or the race into The2000Club? I'm not nano specialist but you are, let's try! » Nat | Talk » 02:01, 15 February 2009 (UTC)

Ook, I'm on it. ;) AOM is strongly under construction, but one of my new nanos will use a more sophisticated version of it. Currently Pugio moves somehow like that. It's about changing the frequency of oscillation in order to find a good solution against hostile guns. However, I'm working on my new nano's movement, which is loosely based on AOM, but it can't be called that. You mentioned my new microbot. Actually, I have two, but they are not so good at the moment, because I'm too lazy to learn GF. They use almost the same gun that is in my nano's! The difference is that the micros match velocity patterns instead of lateral velocity. This makes their gun inaccurate, but it doesn't get mad by their random movement at least... --HUNRobar 17:00, 15 February 2009 (UTC)