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DeBroglie Roadmap / Development notepad / Brainstorming Sandbox

  1. Continue tracking down why there are so many skipped turns.
    • I used an approximation via <math>e^x = \lim_{n \to +\infty}(1+\frac{x}{n})^n</math>, with variable power-of-2 choice of n based on input x. Keeps error < 5%, and performance high. Skipped turn issue seems to be resolved... for now.
  2. Virtual gun array
    • How to choose a gun?
      • Current VirtualGunManager uses Condorcet voting among several selectors (rolling normalized hit rates with different depths) to choose the best gun.
        • Works quite well, changes guns appropriately when Dookious engages/disengages its flattener.
        • However, no big rumble score gain over rev0073b with main gun.
          • I probably just need to continue to develop/tune the guns themselves (the common code they're based upon) and choose only 2-4 of them to minimize churn.
  3. Flattener
    • Put it in a separate object so it's not hanging out at 12 different places in
    • Really think through some theory on when/how to engage.
  4. Bullet Power/fire choice