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DeBroglie Roadmap / Development notepad / Brainstorming Sandbox

  1. Precise Prediction + Wall Smoothing in order to calculate Precise MEAs and get ready for Wave Surfing.
  2. Get a small Virtual Gun array going. Main GF gun, anti-adaptive GF gun, circular targeter, dead-stop targeter. For kicks. ;)
    • Weight points in anti-adaptive gun via half-life based on round number.
      • Pre-calculate decay exponentials and store in array. Just one extra array lookup and one extra multiplication per data point.. shouldn't be terribly slower than main gun.
    • Test choosing gun via history of this shot (the k-nearest-neighbors can report which gun did best on them) vs. general history of the match.. Probably lots of trade-offs here.
  3. Bullet Shadows (fairly easy with the Universe/Bot structure)
  4. Implement Wave Surfing
    • Farewell Aristocles. You were a faithful friend, if a bit dodgy during round 1. ;)
    • GoTo is what DeBroglie used to have, but TrueSurfing seems more philosophically satisfying at the moment...
    • Danger function to include a term for field position? Corners are bad after all, and a slightly increased hit risk might be worth it to get out of a corner.
  5. Debug and Evaluate how the bot works in the Rumble without extensive tuning.
  6. Download and get RoboResearch working.
    • Code a version of Debroglie to read/write dimension weights and real/virtual wave weighting from a .txt file. Let it chew on the Targeting Challenge RM bots for a week or two to explore the solution space.
    • Pick the few best local maxima, do some runs that explore the space near them.
    • Repeat all of this for the anti-adaptive gun with some relevant bots.
    • Repeat with movement weights using MC2K7, etc.