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DeBroglie Roadmap / Development notepad / Brainstorming Sandbox

  1. Precise Prediction + Wall Smoothing in order to calculate Precise MEAs and get ready for Wave Surfing.
    • Dilemma - Roll my own or utilize someone else's?
      • I don't have tons of time, but writing my own predictor would be useful when it comes time for movement since the same code could be used to drive my bot, making my wave surfing position predictions exactly match the eventual actions of my bot. Very nice when I want to adjust distancing.
      • Less benefit to writing my own when it comes to MEA calculation, though I'd love to contribute to the wiki with a chunk of Precise Prediction code featuring Simonton's non-iterative wall smoother, or a version I think could write that'd save a trig calculation or two.
  2. Get a small Virtual Gun array going. Main GF gun, anti-adaptive GF gun, circular targeter, dead-stop targeter. For kicks. ;)
    • Weight points in anti-adaptive gun via half-life based on round number.
      • Pre-calculate decay exponentials and store in array. Just one extra array lookup and one extra multiplication per data point.. shouldn't be terribly slower than main gun.
    • Test choosing gun via history of this shot (the k-nearest-neighbors can report which gun did best on them) vs. general history of the match.. Probably lots of trade-offs here.
  3. Bullet Shadows (fairly easy with the Universe/Bot structure)
  4. Implement Wave Surfing
    • Farewell Aristocles. You were a faithful friend, if a bit dodgy during round 1. ;)
    • GoTo is what DeBroglie used to have, but TrueSurfing seems more philosophically satisfying at the moment...
    • Danger function to include a term for field position? Corners are bad after all, and a slightly increased hit risk might be worth it to get out of a corner.
  5. Debug and Evaluate how the bot works in the Rumble without extensive tuning.
  6. Download and get RoboResearch working.
    • Code a version of Debroglie to read/write dimension weights and real/virtual wave weighting from a .txt file. Let it chew on the Targeting Challenge RM bots for a week or two to explore the solution space.
    • Pick the few best local maxima, do some runs that explore the space near them.
    • Repeat all of this for the anti-adaptive gun with some relevant bots.
    • Repeat with movement weights using MC2K7, etc.