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I'm a high school s̶o̶p̶h̶o̶m̶o̶r̶e j̶u̶n̶i̶o̶r senior and will be attending UC Berkeley in the fall. I spent a lot of time designing my robots in 2018-2019, but took a hiatus for a couple of years. Although I haven't designed anything new for a couple years, Robocode has been amazingly useful, and I wrote about some of my experiences with it for some of my college application essays. There seems to be a lot of competition at the top of the RoboRumble right now (June 2021), and I'm planning to revisit the game and make a run for the throne this summer. I have an idea for a bullet shielder. We'll see how it goes!

On a side note, it seems I am cursed to remain #5 in all the categories forever! Basilite used to be ranked #4 in the MicroRumble for a bit, but WaveShark put a stop to that :(


  • Nanobots
    • SquirmyToad - Circles around the enemy switching direction randomly. Uses a simple pattern matching gun to fire. Currently #9 in the NanoRumble.
    • ButtHead - Much of the code is based on Caligula, but I added a few improvements to the multimode capabilities. Starts by circling around the enemy, but if it gets hit too often, it starts to oscillate. If that doesn't work, it switches to ramming. Currently #5 in the NanoRumble.
    • Parallax - Features a rolling-averaged linear gun, long-range random movement, wall avoidance, and energy management! We'll see how it places.
  • Microbots
    • Basilite - Starts off the match using stop and go. If it gets hit too often for its liking, it switches to random movement. Uses a simple nano-sized pattern matching gun. Currently #5 in the MicroRumble.
  • Minibots
    • Basilisk - Uses the same movement system as Basilite. For targeting, it uses a guessfactor gun segmented on distance, distance from wall, enemy velocity, enemy acceleration, and time since velocity change. Also features an exponential moving average to compete against wave surfers. Currently #5 in the MiniRumble.

Bucket List

  • Reclaim my #4 MicroRumble spot!
  • Design a successful bullet shielder.
  • Design a megabot.