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I started tinkering with Robocode back in 2006 when it was at version 1.1.3. It's been quite awhile since I last used it, but I've recently been getting into it again. This time, I actually released a robot into the 1-on-1 competition.

Professionally, I have been doing enterprise Java development for over a decade. I stay pretty busy with work and family, but from time to time, I am able to put a little time into recreational activities like Robocode.

One of my goals in Robocode is to bring object oriented design principles into Robocode robot design. It is for this reason that I focus almost entirely on MegaBots, mostly ignoring the small code size categories. It would be exceedingly challenging to develop competitive robots that follow object oriented design principles when under very tight code size restrictions.

My Robot Framework

  • Xander Framework - My Robocode robot framework with pluggable guns, radars, and drives.

My Bots

  • Nissa - Simple robot that is not very smart but excels at avoiding simple linear targeting.
  • Rowdy - MegaBot based on the Xander Framework. This robot is a simple wave surfer and guess factor targeter using a fixed segmentation combination of lateral velocity and bullet travel time.
  • Simon - Twin to Rowdy. Very similar to Rowdy, but Simon prefers to avoid linear targeting as opposed to Rowdy who prefers to avoid head-on targeting.
  • XanderCat - MegaBot based on the Xander Framework. This is my flagship robot, and attempts to make the best use of the most advanced concepts and Xander framework capabilities.

I will likely create a few other specialty robots and release them, but XanderCat will always be the flagship of the fleet.