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I started tinkering with Robocode back in 2006 when it was at version 1.1.3. It's been quite awhile since I last used it, but I've recently been getting into it again. This time, I actually released a robot into the 1-on-1 competition. My latest robot is named XanderCat. It should perform okay, but I will need to spend more time on it if I want it to compete with some of the wave surfing Jedi-bots.

Professionally, I have been doing enterprise Java development for over a decade. I have an SCJP and a GSSP-J certification, and am currently working on an SCEA. I stay pretty busy with work and family, but from time to time, I am able to put a little time into recreational activities like Robocode.

My Robot Frameworks

  • Xander Framework - My newest robot framework with pluggable guns, radars, and drives.

My Bots

  • XanderCat - MegaBot based on the Xander Framework. Currently using BasicRadar, OrbitalDrive, and a CompoundGun which combines a LinearGun and a CircularGun.

Some Background -- Things I Do

Family Stuff

I have a family. So a lot of my time goes towards family things.

Enterprise Java Web Applications

This is what I do professionally. I've worked on apps for insurance companies, hospitals, DoD, and others. Usually a combo of Java EE and a framework such as Struts, Spring, or JSF.

Java Desktop Applications Development

This I do as a hobby. I don't have anything too significant at the moment, other than a Swing application for doing file backups named CatBack. I've also written a few other odds and ends, like an app to manage my own list of movie rankings, keeping them in sync with my movie ratings at the IMDB.

Look for Potential Programmer Friends to Collaborate With

I always want to find other programmers I can be friends with, and who I can collaborate with on some programming projects. On this front, I have been a MASSIVE failure. I haven't had a friend interested in programming since I was 18, and that was decades ago.

Real Robots

From time to time, I consider building some new friends to keep me company around the house. I have a Handy Board that I use as a brain, and I often use legos for the robot body. I don't do this too often though, as I often find it unfulfilling.

Automotive Repair

I've been repairing and modifying cars for the last 20 years, though not as much as I used to.

Home Improvement

I've finished an entire basement and done many other smaller home improvement or repair jobs. Holmes on Homes is one of my favorite shows. Not only entertaining, but sometimes educational as well...not many shows are like that.

Speaker Boxes

Not a regular thing, but I still dabble in it. Something else I started over 20 years ago, back when I was 16 and custom built speaker boxes in the back of my hatchback was cool. I'm currently modifying some boxes I built way back then to serve as my home theatre speakers.


A periodic though infrequent hobby. Started playing C-Robots many years ago. Now I occasionally dabble in Robocode, but I have too many other things to do that take up a lot of my time.