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I'm a 27 year old Software Developer. I first started RoboCode in 2005 after realizing what I really liked best about games was developing a system that would win. I would start a turn-based game following mechanical rules, then if I thought I could improve my system I would start all over & try again. Then once I had a winning system I'd play the game through once or twice, feel happy, then get bored, often after mind-numbing sessions of clicking buttons with little thought. When that self-awareness hit I thought, "I should find a game where I can write my own AI & let it play out!" If I remember right, it was my first google search that turned up RoboCode, and it was a perfect fit. Too perfect, as many addicts can agree.

My Bots

Research Projects

  • RoboResearch - I am the founder and main contributor. This may be my best contribution to the Robocode community. Come join me in working on it!
  • /PMResearch - Some intense research into how good I can make PatternMatching.
  • /DCResearch - Some intense research into how good I can make DynamicClustering targeting.
  • /PFResearch - Some intense research into how good I can make path-finding wave surfing.