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I'm a 21-year (in 2009) old hobbyist programmer from the Netherlands. I've spent a huge amount of time programming since I was 13, and it's something I really like to do. I've studied Biology for a while, but now I'm thinking about studying something to do with computers instead. I first came across RoboWar 5 3-4 years ago, and made several robots for it. Unfortunately, popular interest in that game largely went away, and I quit writing robots. About 4 months ago I came across Robocode, and I've had a lot of time-consumptive fun since. :P Other hobbies include: watching movies, reading self-improvement/practical knowledge books, and engaging in philosophical discussions. :)


Currently, my only robot is Portia. I'm very proud of it so far, because it seems to move quite intelligently and effective in melee. It dodges simulated enemy bullets and tries not to be the closest opponent to any robot. :)