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Hi all, I have some questions about wave surfing.

First, define some term I'll use in this question:

  • Surfer: all those surfer around today.
  • Wave Surfer: a surfer that log hit for every waves.
  • Hit Surfer: a surfer that log hit on only hit waves.
  • log hit: the operation that same as BasicSurfer's logHit function.
Question 1
What is the differnce between Wave Surfer and Hit Surfer? On first time I looked into surfing, the statement I found is "Surfing is exactly reverse of GuessFactor Targeting" so I understand surfer as Wave Surfer. But, when I looked into code of DussGT, Dookious, Horizona and PhonixOS, I found out that they are Hit Surfer (unless it enable its flattener which turn them into Wave Surfer). Only Butterfly I've recognize that it's Wave Surfer.
I'm asking this because I'm working on BlackHole flattener. BlackHole is wave surfer so I can't use those bot flattener style. I think that Butterfly does not have flattener.
Question 2
How can I create a gradient color for wave like Phoenix does? My style of BlackHole are a bit ugly... :(
Question 3
What will act faster and less memory consume?
  • Multiple buffers VCS stats with 16 segmentation.
  • One Kd-Tree but difference dimension calculator.
My new BlackHole v1 (not v2) will have around 1000 buffers and up to 16 segmentations. I ask here to develop my robot in right way.
Question 4
What is the simple way to calculate bot width for surfing? DurssGT style is complicated. I'm now create 25px circle and calculate each bins it covered.
Question 5
What is better:
  • Surf the wave until it pass rear edge of the robot.
  • Surf the wave until it pass middle of the robot.
  • Surf the wave until it reach front edge of the robot.

That's the all. I think it just a newbie questions but it hard to answer :-) » Nat | Talk » 03:34, 22 February 2009 (UTC)