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About Me

I'm a 25 year old Software Engineer and student from California. I've been writing Robocode robots since 2002. According to User:PEZ, I am the most competitive Robocoder ever. =)

I created in 2007 using Ruby on Rails to address the community's need for a stable ranking server and a place to upload robot jars. My personal website is at You can email me at

My Robots

Over the years I've written a robot for nearly every type of competition that anyone has dreamt up, from 249-byte NanoBots to PerceptualBots, which are only allowed to act based on the current state of the field around them and cannot save data from turn to turn. My current top bot, Phoenix, was first started in 2003 and has gradually evolved into one of the strongest 1-v-1 robots around. It is currently #2 in the general 1-v-1 category.

Some of the robots I've written are: