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Hi everybody,

In the beginning of 2007 I've already participated in RoboRumble with some simple Bots, but I kinda lost interest.

Now I'm back and I want to start afresh and try to design more complex robots than I did before.

My old robots:

Exterminans - My first robot
Nanospray - My bot for the RoboRumble 1on1 NanoBot competiton
Cruiser - My first attempt to create a more complex robot, never finished

My new robots:

Click here to download my robots

Exterminans2oo8 - under development Current released version: alpha_0328
-Radar: Wide lock
-Movement: Anti-Gravity
-Targeting: Set of VirtualGuns, best is selected dynamically. Guns: HeadOn, Circular, Linear, AverageLinear
-Bullet avoiding: Anti-G force is spawned at original driving direction as soon as a enemy shot was recognized. This force is removed after one has fled.
-Changes color when hit by bullet, wall or robot
weight: MegaBot
davidalves.Phoenix 0.855TC vs. Exterminans2oo8_alpha0328 @ 100 rounds: 12875:1903

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