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Hi everybody,
In the beginning of 2007 I've already participated in RoboRumble with some simple Bots, but I kinda lost interest.
Now I'm back and I want to start afresh and try to design more complex robots than I did before.
===My new robots:===
[http://d-gfx.kognetwork.ch/robocode/ Click here to download my robots]
[[Exterminans2oo8]] - ''under development''
===My old robots:===
:[http://d-gfx.kognetwork.ch/robocode/exterminans.zip Exterminans] - My first robot
:[http://d-gfx.kognetwork.ch/robocode/nanospray.zip Nanospray] - My bot for the RoboRumble 1on1 NanoBot competiton
:[http://d-gfx.kognetwork.ch/robocode/cruiser.zip Cruiser] - My first attempt to create a more complex robot, never finished
[http://www.d-gfx.net.tc My homepage]
[[Category:Bot Authors|Altglass]]

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