Codesize Restriction

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Codesize Restriction

I've noticed that my greatest (only) forte in Robocode is working with codesize restraints. I was wondering if anyone knew about other games/competitions with a low-codesize element.

    Sheldor00:16, 26 February 2013

    I haven't seen this element in any of the other programming games I've checked out.

    I haven't yet decided how to address weight classes in BerryBots, but I am planning to have something for it eventually. :-) Emulating Robocode's code size is definitely an option. I also want to make the CPU constraints more configurable. So instead of one static value for BerryBots on your system, different stages or configs could have different CPU constraints, and you could do weight classes that way.

      Voidious00:28, 26 February 2013