Wrong survival scores for some pairings

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Wrong survival scores for some pairings

I was browsing LiteRumble and noticed the survival scores between Combat and LifelongObsession, FloodSonnet, HariSeldon, Prophet, RCBot are abnormally low.

If you look the opposite scores in the 5 opponent profiles, they are also low.

Ran the battles locally and the scores don't match.

    MN (talk)03:18, 17 May 2015
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    Most likely the version of Robocode the server allows is out of date

      Tmservo (talk)22:56, 22 May 2015

      The server doesn't use Robocode. It simply processes battle results sent by clients. Numbers from 0 to 35 in the case of survival scores.

      I know the server throw results away sometimes. It records results on one side of the pairing, but not the other. In an attempt to decrease the number of database accesses and cloud service fees.

      But it only reduces the amount of battles. Would explain a low number of battles, but not low scores on all battles.

        MN (talk)03:12, 23 May 2015