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WaveSurfing and MinimalRiskMovement

Can wave surfing be considered a special case of minimal risk movement? I see there are a lot in common, and especially in melee (e.g. melee wave surfing).

Both wave surfing and minimal risk movement involves

  • Point/Path generation
  • Risk evaluation

Anyway, most surfers evaluate risk on paths, not points, and vice versa. And most surfer's point generation is "path-oriented", instead of "point-oriented", which is especially true for multi-wave surfing true-surfers.

Nevertheless, minimal risk movement can also evaluate paths, e.g. use a line from start to end and calculate distance to that line, instead of simply end points.

As points in minimal risk movement are finally used for go-to (movement), and paths in wave surfing are finally used for movement as well, if we combine points and paths into movement option, both minimal risk movement and wave surfing can be combined into a generic framework:

  • Movement option generation
  • Risk evaluation

What do you think will be a suitable name for this generic movement framework?

Xor (talk)08:18, 27 January 2018

Wave surfing and MRM have a lot in common, and depending on the implementation they might be similar to each other. Of course evaluating paths or points is a big difference. Another difference that stands out between the two is that wave surfing primarily looks at waves and then generates movement options accordingly, whereas MRM primarily generates movement options and then afterwards may take waves into account. That's why I would regard those two approaches as completely different from each other.

Cb (talk)16:37, 27 January 2018

Thanks, that’s the point! Although they look similar, they are still different enough that they should be considered as different things.

Anyway, I found implementing (single wave, or CC style) wavesurfing in MRM way easier ;)

Btw, what do you think about Neuromancer’s movement? Maybe that’s something between MRM and wavesurfing ;)

Xor (talk)04:27, 28 January 2018