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Talk from old wiki

Personally, I think with the LiquidThread installed, every talk from old wiki should be put into the Archived talk namespace, or discussion header. My main reason is that discussion from old wiki would be uing old-style link, and I don't know how to programme a wikibot to edit a LiquidThread (plus my old converting code would work with the discussion header without modification)

Nat Pavasant12:27, 5 September 2011

I don't like leaving conversations in the discussion header, since it pushes the LiquidThreads stuff way down the page and I don't think that's what he header is for. I think moving to Archived talk is appropriate in most places, and you can just link to it in the header (like I did in Talk:Main Page).

I'm not sure how to deal with current conversations on the new wiki. I don't want them in the header. Archiving them is OK in most places, and maybe we could do it with a bot, but it feels pretty drastic to do it across the whole wiki. I wish I could just convert them to LiquidThreads conversations...

Voidious17:05, 5 September 2011