Some scores in TwinDuel have shifted a lot

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Some scores in TwinDuel have shifted a lot

I'm noticing that some of LunarTwins' scores in TwinDuel have shifted dramatically from what they were as of RumbleArchives:TwinDuelRumble_20200126, despite the robots involved in said pairings not having been updated since. Particularly versus the following four:

  • bvh.two.Valkiries 0.44tmk3b
  • bvh.two.Ravens 0.2
  • gh.twin.GrauwuarG 0.41
  • 2.0c

which are four bots that have been unchanged since 20200126, that LunarTwins used to win decisively against, but appears to no longer do so in the TwinDuel LiteRumble. Also appears those for some reason appear to have had their pairing count versus LunarTwins reset more recently than some others for some unknown reason? Not sure. I'll be looking into it more some time, but it makes me wonder if this was due a change in robocode version.

    Rednaxela (talk)21:40, 13 June 2021

    To update, some change between Robocode versions has *severely* broken LunarTwins. LunarLeader is now going after it's own LunarRover droid, which is absolutely didn't do in older versions.

    Need to figure out what's broken in Robocode, and depending on what it is (i.e. could if have affected any other bots in TwinDuel/TeamRumble) we may want to clear results from those versions in the LiteRumble server if possible.

    Looks like version fixes a bug with getTeammates/isTeammate. I suspect this bug is likely what broke LunarTwins.

    We probably should update the literumble version to, but also we should figure out when this regression with getTeammates/isTeammate was introduced, well, unless we wanted to entirely clear all TeamRumble/TwinDuel pairing data in it's entirety.

      Rednaxela (talk)22:28, 13 June 2021