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Infobox Robot
[[Image:{{{image}}} |200px| ]]
Author(s) {{{author}}}
Extends {{{extends}}}
Targeting {{{targeting}}}
Movement {{{movement}}}
Released {{{released}}}
Best Rating {{{best_rating}}}
Current Rating {{{rating}}}
Current Version {{{current_version}}}
License {{{license}}}
[{{{download_link}}} Download]
[{{{source_link}}} Source]



The infobox may be added by pasting the template as shown below into an article. None of the Parameters are required as of yet.

{{Infobox Robot
| bgcolour        = 
| name            = 
| image           = 
| imagesize       = 
| caption         = 
| author          = 
| extends         = 
| targeting       =
| movement        =
| released        =
| best_rating     =
| rating          =
| current_version =
| license         = 
| download_link   =
| source_link     =


bgcolor The background coloring, omit for default color
name The name of the robot, omit for page name
image an image, logo or snapshot of the robot, optional
imagesize* In the form "Npx", resizes the image to a width of N pixels; default is 200px, optional
caption* A caption discribing the image, optional
author the creator(s) of the robot, e.g. PEZ, Voidious, Chase-san, etc. optional
extends what this bot extends, be it AdvancedRobot, Robot, or TeamRobot, optional
targeting The type of targeting the bot uses, optional
movement The type of movement the bot uses, optional
released The date the bot was originally released, optional
best_rating The best rating the bot has obtained in the rumble, optional
rating The current rating the bot has in the rumble, optional
current_version The current version of the robot, optional
license The license this robot's source is under, optional
download_link the absolute link to your robots jar, optional
source_link the absolute link to the source of your robot, optional
* Only used if the {{{image}}} parameter is used.
Author(s) Voidious
Extends AdvancedRobot
Targeting GuessFactorTargeting
Movement WaveSurfing
Released 2006
Best Rating 1.571 / 2131 (#1)
Current Version 1.58
License RWPCL

Other Notes

Since I cannot access the common.css stuff, I put the style info right into the table T_T. MediaWiki:Common.css