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Credits - SuperNode
Old wiki page: SuperNode
Original author(s): RoboWiki contributors

In GuessFactorTargeting, a SuperNode is a bin that carries far more data than most bins do. For example, even though Bee has 12500 bins, 95% of BeeWT's hits are done by only 450 Supernodes! Read the WikiTargeting page for more information.

Dookious 0.98 and later use a WikiTargeting inspired form of data saving for the high segmented buffer in the Main Gun. I'm not sure how BeeWT decided on what nodes to save, but I currently save any bin with 2 or more weighted visits (non-firing waves = 0.2, firing waves = 1). That works pretty well for 35-round matches - I've never seen it lower than 80-something % of total visits. At the end of the match, it prints data on what it's saving to the console, for anyone that's curious about this stuff. Here's a match vs Aristocles:

Main GF Gun:
  Saving data for 264 of 562 visited bins, of 13500 total, 
  accounting for 95.93% of total (weighted) visits.

(It might be more clear to say "visited segments"...)

-- Voidious

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