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Credits - RoboRumble/Contributing to RoboRumble
Old wiki page: RoboRumble/StartingWithRoboRumble
Original author(s): RoboWiki contributors

Old Wiki

I presume all older issues are not valid anymore, otherwise you can find them on /StartingWithRoboRumbleOld or put them here below again.

Sweet. Much easier now thanks. How can I control how many battles are run at once? Or should I just setup a for loop in a batch file for that? --Miked0801

  • Halfway the file "roborumble.txt" you'll find "NUMBATTLES=xx", there you fill in the number of battles fought before uploading results and quitting robocode. In the batch-file I have made an infinitive loop so my client can run unattended all night. -- GrubbmGait
  • (Edit conflict) There are .txt files for each type of rumble - roborumble.txt, meleerumble.txt, and teamrumble.txt - in the 'roborumble' directory. The "NUMBATTLES" controls how many are run before uploading, "BATTLESPERBOT" is the minimum number of battles a bot needs before it stops getting priority, and "USER" is just to identify yourself in the logs and such. I have mine with "ITERATE=NOT" and I do use a shell script that loops to keep it running. -- Voidious

this bash script will be good for unix "roborumbler". Run forever battles, it catch standard and error stream and put it to a file in the directory ./log/tempNUMBER_OF_BATTLE.txt (the script have to be in the roborumble directory). For Linux: save it to a file in the roborumble directory, right click and set the file executable, create a directory called "log", then run the script from shell:


echo #  new line
while [ "$var1" != "fine" ]     #  forever
  let "count=count+1"
  echo "battle n: " $count
  sh &> ./log/temp$count.txt

exit 0

p.s.: it's very useful for catch error, someone can traslate the script in windows's dos? Asdasd

Wow - is 256MB still the default for the rumble? Why not at least 512, if robocode's default itself is 512? -- Simonton

I'm not sure - maybe because the GUI takes a lot of memory? -- Skilgannon

Ehh, the GUI shouldn't, not compared to many adaptive bots (particularly log targeting). Personally I always set 512MB in the rumble, and the only time I've had an out of memory problem with 512MB was when some particularly memory-heavy team (can't remember which one) was going. Personally I'd support defaulting to 512MB, at least for teams/melee, if Fnl is listening :-) -- Rednaxela

Can someone please zip a new update, i've unzipped the archives above and still get a ton of "Ignoring xxx..." message because they weren't download...thank you! (or even better someone start a new repository and put the zipped bots there...) --Starrynte