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Showing Results

I have already talked with some robocoders about how they would like to see results in the RoboResearch GUI. So far the best design I've come up with (merging ideas from Synapse, Rednaxela, Voidious and Chase-san) would open a separate window for each challenge+challenger. It would have a table that shows live-feed results like the summary on wiki pages. That window could be expanded to show a second table underneath the first, with the scores for each season. The top table could also be expanded to include a row for each version of the challenger in the database. Whichever version is selected in the top table is the one whose seasons would be displayed in the lower table. Can I get any feedback or new ideas? --Simonton 05:35, 21 September 2008 (UTC)

Networking Proxies

I know how to use raw TCP/IP streams to write the proxies required to implement a networked RoboResearch, but I'm not sure that's the "best" solution. I know how to use Spring to make remote method calls, but it does not allow callbacks for things like listeners. Does anybody know of some other technology that would be appropriate to support the kind of remote communication necessary? I think I've heard RMI can do callbacks, so that might be one possibility. JMS might be another. I'm just not familiar enough with any of these to know their strengths and limitations. Something that supports file transfer for uploading/downloading bots would be ideal. Any thoughts/recommendations/input? --Simonton 16:38, 25 September 2008 (UTC)