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The fact that you're losing rounds makes me think that you have a bug which makes your bot freeze occasionally. What about putting a try/catch in all your event handlers and main method, and if there is an exception writing the details of where you are, the enemy is, how many waves there are in the air, the game time, etc. I modified DrussGT not to shoot, and here were the results for 500 rounds:

1st	jk.mega.DrussGT 1.3.8	18250 (97%)	13250	5000	0	0	0	0	500	0	0
2nd	mld.DustBunny 3.8	612 (3%)	0	0	612	0	0	0	0	500	0

This has very little to do with segmentation, and is mostly about getting every single last bug out of your surfing. It looks to me like you might need some Dive Protection, as you are getting a significant amount of ram damage. I'm not sure if you have any form of 'escape movement' for when the other bot is very close and there is an enemy wave in the air. What could be useful is taking a standard random-movement from a non-surfing bot and using that for when there are not waves to surf, or the enemy is very close. Hope this helps on your quest for 85+ (and I suspect higher) --Skilgannon 19:49, 14 June 2009 (UTC)