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Seraphim, the robotic angel
Author(s) Chase-san
Extends AdvancedRobot
Targeting GuessFactorTargeting
Movement WaveSurfing
Released December 8, 2006
Best Rating 83.57 (23rd)
Current Rating 83.57
Current Version v2.3.1
Code License ZLIB


The very first release version of Seraphim was finished on December 8, 2006 at 7:03pm. Coincidentally, this was version 0.002. It used a very bloated class structure and was highly inefficient. It creates its different gun and surfing buffers in separate files as Dookious did at the time, however as no actual code, only ideas we're used from Dookious its license was Proprietary.


Seraphim uses a guessfactor targeting system, based on the use of visit count stats, more formally known as a Traditional Guessfactor Gun. It uses 5 different sets of buffers, each with increasing number of segments and buffer importance (also known as its weight).


The movement of Seraphim for the longest time had many bugs which rendered the movement to be nothing more then a highly complicated Sandbox Flattener. However after a long hiatus the bug was fixed propelling the otherwise mediocre robot much higher into the ranks.


Originally known as NekoAngel with a Log based GF gun similar to earlier Shadow builds, it had decent results, but the log system I thought was messy and very hard to handle. I changed it to Seraphim and changed the gun to a basic statistical GF gun with VCS. After I finally got a few versions together it turns out the new arrangement was far more complex, slower and harder to manage then the original NekoAngel set-up, however it was to later to turn back. The robot hit its peak at around the midpoint of its development, all subsequent releases after version 0.052 only lost points, but development continued for many versions until it was given up in early 2008.

A significant mandelbug in the robot's movement was repaired in Feburary 2013.