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RM Targeting Challenge

Bot Author Gun Aspd Sprw Fhqw FlMn Yngw EASY Tron HTTC RnMB DlMc Grbb MED SnDT Cgrt Frtn WkOb RkMc HARD TOTAL Comments
Roborio 1.2.1tc Rsalesc DC-DCAS 93.26 97.42 94.92 92.4 96.5 94.9 88.05 83.4 91.77 88.54 83.1 86.97 82.8 80.52 83.46 85.1 82.92 82.96 88.28 30.0 seasons
1.2.1tc - first logged version
  • Haven't improved much at hitting random movers after slightly improving my AS gun in this version, but I feel like there is room for improvement if I mess up with the general purpose gun a lil' more. I'm feeling like it's time for WaveSim by Voidious.

Anti-Surfer Challenge

Bot Author Gun Sha Chk Cun Dia YP DC Phx DrGT CC Pear Dki VCS Total Comments
Roborio 1.2.1tc Rsalesc DC-DCAS 65.59 74.59 89.58 63.2 78.84 74.36 75.06 71.04 72.43 81.89 58.1 71.7 73.03 30.0 seasons
  • Improved a lot by ignoring non-firing waves since a wave surfer is pretty much reactive and try to flatten its movement profile as much as possible. Very happy with this score and not sure if I'm able to extract more any substantial amount of points from it. Every version I had which performed better against Dookious and/or Shadow decreased my total score a lot.

Targeting Challenge 2K7

Gonna get to that soon.

Movement Challenge 2K7

Gonna get to that soon.