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RaikoMicroVersion History - Archived Talk 20090430

  • 1.44 released. Several changes:
    • Uses PEZ's more accurate near-wall segment.
    • Segmentation on absolute velocity, absolute deceleration and time since last reverse.
    • Tries really cheap head-on avoidance, which might nullify all the other improvements.
    • Actually seems to beat Raiko. This probably means I need to re-think Raiko's gun. :-) Also means the next version of Raiko may have ~500 bytes to play with....
  • 1.39 switched to an always-fire-2 bullet power strategy and incorporated wall approach segmentation.
  • 1.3 released. I introduced a decleration segment, since I didn't have room for an acceleration segment, and changed the bullet power choice to fire only power 3, 2.59 and 1.99 power bullets - the 1.99 value starts at distance 320, so this is now quite a survivalist bot. :-)