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Author(s) Nat
Extends AdvancedRobot
Targeting GF Targeting
Movement Statistical Bullet Dodging
Current Version prototype2
Code Size 539
Code License RWPCL
Version History - Source Code

Background Information

What's special about it?
Well, I think it is quite special, at least for me.
How competitive is it?
We will see later.


How does it move?
I call it "Statistical Bullet Dodging". It base loosely on WaveSnake. Now the stats is not segmented. I just want to experiment with non-segment vs segment version.
How does it fire?
GuessFactor Targeting. Base loosely on Falcon. Has only lateral velocity segment, for now.
What does it save between rounds and matches?
It saves everything between rounds, nothing between matches.

Additional Information

Can I use your code?
RWPCL At least make sure you understand which part do what before you use. That the way I'll use other people code. (The exception is the lateral velocity chooser, from Voidious, which I can't understand =))
Does it have any White Whales?
Not know, maybe it has.
What's the next for this robot?
  • More segmentation.
  • Try to dodge more than one bullet.
  • Squeeze!
What other robot(s) is it based on?
  • Movement is base loosely on WaveSnake and the Gun is base loosely on Falcon. The lateral velocity segmentation part is from Komarious.