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My Robots



  1. An anti-GF movement strategy, combining the best of cool movement, surfing, and flattening
  2. GuessFactor 2D - Currently seeing if I can get it to score well at the PMC...
  3. Read the wiki!
  4. ReWrite the wiki! After reading it there were alot of things I want to change, so Im going about it bit by bit.
  5. Design Overhaul
    1. State machine
    2. Utility collection for all calculations
    3. Extension of AdvancedRobot
    4. GoTo based movement


My movement and targeting are based around an algorithm im working on for the possible positions of movement, based on the robots current velocity and the time it has to move. If a robot is perpendicular to you when you fire and is moving with a velocity of 8, it can travel 24 in 3 ticks, but if it is stationary it can only move 6. Likewise, if it changes direction at the time of fire, the bot moving at 8 will still have traveled 12 forward, while the stationary bot would have traveled 6 backwards. While general forward and backwards movement is relatively easy to model, I am currently working on calculating maximum distance if the bot was to turn. Once I am able to graph the area possible for the bot to move in the time until impact, the graph can then be translated according to the bots current heading. From there I project a curve onto the graph which represents my variation in the target distance from the enemy (if I want to maintain around 300 away, I will have arcs radiating 325 and 275 away from the enemy). I then segment the target space by guess factor, and choose the polygon least likely to be fired upon. I go to the center of that polygon in order to avoid being hit.

I am also toying thinking about doing some 2D flattening or a multi dimensional random movement, as a counter to my current targeting. I am not sure how well it will work, but it could mess with some of the guess factor guns.