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GravityWave pages:
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Version History

alpha3 - (development)

  • Cleaned up and Expanded 2D Segmentation
  • Added in Saving/Loading of 2D Segmented Array
  • Updated and refined the EnemyWave class
  • Removed old test code

alpha2 - (current stable)

  • Massive WaveSurfing improvements over alpha1
  • Includes a roughly put together 2D Segmented Array
  • Moved some functions to


Random Thoughts

Future Position

I would like to use the Future Position in GravityWave, but I haven't figured out how to use it correctly yet. I'm thinking I'm going to need to hack it in (even though I'm still removing the hacks in alpha2 and implementing the correct ways), but if I can modify the predictor already in place with the Future Position, that would be a lot easier.