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Author(s) Daniel "altglass" Dreibrodt
Extends AdvancedRobot
Targeting Virtual Guns :
Head-On Targeting
Circular Targeting
Linear Targeting
Average Linear Targeting
Circular GuessFactor Targeting
Movement Random switching between:
Anti-Gravity Movement
Teasing Movement
Released March 27th, 2008
Current Version Build0329
Code License RWPCL 1.1

This is my first attempt after one year of RoboCode inactivity to create an advanced bot that has at least some chances against all those good bots out there.

Exterminans is the name of a killer in the German fantasy novel tetralogy "Der Kreis der Dämmerung" (The circle of dawn) by Ralf Isau.

Entered into RoboRumble on March 28th, 2008.


For a random amount of time one of the following movement is chosen randomly. (With only 2 movements this is yet very unrandom)

Anti-G Movement

The walls and corners are Gravity spots, as well as the enemy.

Temporary gravity spots are spawned at the original driving destination of the bot, as soon as the enemy fires.

Teasing Movement

Some kind of Stop And Go Movement. Drives around randomly and then sits still. It first starts moving again when a specific amount of time has passed. This period is a little shorter than the time a bullet with the force 1 would need to travel from the enemies position when having started to sit to the bot's sitting position.

Might be upgraded like suggested on the Stop And Go page, so that it stops its movement as soon as the enemy shoots while yet moving.


Several virtual guns are set up of which each tick the one with the best statistic is chosen to fire in "reality".

Homepage of Exterminans2oo8