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Energy Management is the art of conserving power to improve overall survival. Some of the most common methods are:

  • Fire low power bullets at long distances.
  • Never fire bullets with a power higher than the necessary to kill the enemy.
  • Reduce fire-power (or not fire at all) when the bot energy is low.


Energy Management is extremely easy to implement in almost all bots. NanoBots may not want to use Energy Management methods since they have such strict Code Size requirements.

Save energy for short distances

Saving energy for close range combat is a smart thing for two reasons:

  • Powerful shots take longer to move and
  • Higher hit rate average.

Reducing the firepower when enemy energy is low

Reducing the firepower to use just enough energy to kill an opponent would save a vast amount of energy. Instead of firing full power at a robot with an energy reading of 3.0, you could shoot at with 1.0 energy or even 0.75. This reduces the chances of an enemy making a comeback due to you wasting all of your energy trying to hit them when they had low energy.

The formula to calculated the damage to enemy robot for given firepower is 4 * power + max(0, 2 * (power - 1) ), where power is a value between 0.1 and 3. But usually, for some reasons, we do not really care about max(0, 2 * (power - 1) and just fire at power enemyEnergy / 4.

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